Unequal: Parallels Between Black Americans and Palestinians Citizens Of Israel (Credit: Visualizing Palestine)


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Black Americans and Palestinian citizens of Israel face similar experiences of state and institutionalised repression and inequality. These visuals illustrate the parallels between both communities.

unEQUAL is a series of data visualizations that highlight inequality among Black Americans and Palestinian citizens of Israel as two citizen communities in states founded on ethnic and racial supremacy. Each parallel statistic on education, incarceration, and poverty exhibits the shared burden of institutionalized discrimination. Together, the statistics tell a story of systemic inequality. This series depicts the experience of Palestinians who hold Israeli citizenship and not Palestinians who live in the Occupied Territories of the West Bank and Gaza. Disparities in socio-economic status between respective groups with citizenship is both a commentary on the systemic inequality of states, and an indicator of the scale of oppression facing precarious non-citizens universally.


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