Our Mission

We are a Palestinian-led transformative education organisation that strengthens voices for Palestinian rights.

We help to transform the existing narrative on Palestine-Israel to one that upholds freedom, justice and equality for all by delivering educational workshops and trainings on Palestine, creating useful resources and tools for human rights advocates, and connecting people and organisations active on the issue to one another.

We help strengthen the Palestine movement in the UK and, by extension, the global movement that is pushing for freedom for Palestinians.


During the 2014 military assault on Gaza, we knew we were witnessing a crucial global moment – a moment that reflected a growth in public consciousness, a heightened understanding for what injustice and systematic oppression look like, and an acceptance that a different narrative and reality to what people knew existed. For the first time, we were hearing multiple Palestinian voices in the media, witnessing the rapid growth of movements supporting Palestinian rights, and observing mass protests that were truly diverse in generation, race, ethnicity, sexuality and religion. It was in the aftermath of that summer that the idea behind Makan was built. A space was opening up to challenge the traditional narrative on Palestine/Israel, and we wanted to help fill it with the voices of Palestinians and human rights advocates.


Our work is grounded in a belief in our shared humanity. As Palestinians, we’re dedicated to freedom, justice, and equality for everyone. We’re an independent, non-partisan organisation that is committed to inclusive learning and that opposes all forms of racism and discrimination.

In line with the demands of Palestinians on the ground, we call for:

Freedom : Freedom for Palestinians living under Israeli occupation
Justice : Justice and return for Palestinians living as refugees and exiles in diaspora
Equality : Full equality for Palestinian Citizens of Israel
Dignity : A dignified life for all Palestinians wherever they live

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