The Orange Tapes

The Orange Tapes are a series of short videos amplifying the voices and work of Palestinian artists. Hosted by Makan.

Bilal Hasna

The series begins with Bilal Hasna reading ‘Not Just Passing’ by Hiba Abu Nada. Bilal is a British-Palestinian writer, actor and facilitator from London.

His debut play ‘For a Palestinian’ enjoyed a five-week sold-out run in London and Bristol, and he has just premiered his debut feature film ‘Layla’ at the Sundance Film Festival this January. You can follow Bilal on Instagram at @bilalhasna_

Alaa Shehada

In this second video, comedian and actor Alaa Shehada, who hails from Jenin, Palestine, takes us on a journey as he shares the story of The Jenin Horse, a symbol of cultural resistance that was seized by Israeli forces in October 2023. You can follow him on the following accounts:

Instagram: @alaashehada_
X : @shehadaalaa


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