Rooted in a belief in our shared humanity, our vision is one where Palestinians live with equal rights. Like everyone else, Palestinians should be free to be with the person they love, ride on the buses they choose to ride on, send their children to the schools they wish to send them to, access the healthcare they need. They should be free from intimidation and humiliation at military checkpoints, free to enjoy the resources of their land, and not be dispossessed of their homes. As a collective people, Palestinians should be free to determine their own future and secure a dignified life for themselves.


Our mission is to demystify the Palestinian-Israeli issue for opinion leaders and general audiences, in order to deepen their understanding of one of the most misconstrued issues of our time. We do this by using the universal framework of human rights: a shared language of equality and dignity. Makan means “Place” in Arabic. We are the first Palestinian-led UK-based educational charity. In a landscape where Palestinian perspectives are under-represented, we introduce an informed Palestinian voice to the educational agenda. We collaborate closely with other organisations and individuals who share our goals, with the hope of maximising the impact of our efforts.


We are led by a drive to think laterally, to provide accessibility, to embrace inclusive approaches, to work with rigour and care, and to be collaborative in our work.


Makan reframes the Palestinian question for a global audience by:

  1. Building a unique framework that uses human rights and international law principles to help bring clarity to the Palestinian-Israeli problem
  2. Using educational workshops to equip individuals with the historical knowledge, legal tools, and communication skills they need to become confident spokespeople on the topic
  3. Developing an online resource that gives people access to clear and engaging information on Palestinian rights
  4. Providing opinion leaders on the Palestinian issue with the tools and content they need to support their work

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