Practicing Freedom in a Time of Crisis: Political Education, Movement Building and Accountability’ with Resist + Renew

As genocide and ethnic cleansing continue to unfold in Palestine, everywhere around us a narrative war is taking place, while a campaign to silence voices calling for a ceasefire has gone into overdrive. The need to speak up for freedom, justice and equality has never been more acute or challenging. Friendships and working relationships are rupturing as a deep-set breach in values and beliefs is revealed, resulting in painful feelings of alienation and even betrayal with those close to us. In such a defining moment, we are starkly reminded not only of the importance and necessity of mobilising, but of the centrality of political education in working towards change. To register for the event, click on the title above.

‘Reframing Palestine’ workshop

Dive deep into understanding Palestine with our 'Reframing Palestine' training and explore crucial frameworks like settler-colonialism, occupation, resistance, and more…

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